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Nashville Singer/Songwriter. Recording Artist.

Hello! I'm a songwriter in Nashville, Tennessee. I also write and produce my own music. I try to be versatile and write in any genre! Southern Rock, Alternative, Indie, Folk, Country, Bluegrass, and Pop are my niche. I play acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and bass guitar, and can create musical arrangements with other instruments/electronica. I have a home studio powered bye Logic Pro X, an industry-leading recording software. I also partner with some INCREDIBLE musicians, singers, and engineers from all over the World and can produce music professionally.


Whether you're a non-musician wanting to write a song for a special someone or a musician interested in collaborating to write a new hit single, I'm available for your project!

I typically charge $100 per song for a non-mixed and non-mastered acoustic single, and can definitely discuss larger projects with you. The fees vary depending on price and quality of production. Contact me directly to discuss your project!


C.  (615) 318-9710

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I've been working on music that I've been writing for the last 5 years, trying to get that released. The album "Nashville Sessions" will be released as soon as it's ready! I'm excited for you to hear it.


I've finished a few new Christian songs, and began working on a new Christian album again. I've been blessed to be affiliated with Highland Park Baptist Church in Columbia, Tennessee. Pastor Bobby McCord and our congregation has supported me big time. I'm working with the youth, helping teach them new instruments. Hoping to get a Youth Worship Band put together soon.

Highland Park Baptist Church has also opened its doors for me, to give me a creative space to write music and record this new Christian album! I have high expectations for it. I've been putting the guitars in alternate tunings lately, like Open G, Open C, and Open A Minor, searching for new inspiration. And I've revisited some of the old Christian songs that I wrote in Savannah, Georgia back in 2011.

Not all of these songs will be "worship" songs. Some will be personal to my life. Some will be stories. Either way, I hope it helps you find purpose and meaning, with relatable qualities when you tap the play button.

Catch a Full Band Performance:

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