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Nashville Singer/Songwriter. Recording Artist.

Hello! I'm a songwriter in Nashville, Tennessee. I also write and produce my own music. I try to be versatile and write in any genre! Southern Rock, Alternative, Indie, Folk, Country, Bluegrass, and Pop are my niche. I play acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and bass guitar, and can create musical arrangements with other instruments/electronica. I have a home studio powered bye Logic Pro X, an industry-leading recording software. I also partner with some INCREDIBLE musicians, singers, and engineers from all over the World and can produce music professionally.


Whether you're a non-musician wanting to write a song for a special someone or a musician interested in collaborating to write a new hit single, I'm available for your project!

I typically charge $100 per song for a non-mixed and non-mastered acoustic single, and can definitely discuss larger projects with you. The fees vary depending on price and quality of production. Contact me directly to discuss your project!


C.  (615) 318-9710

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I've been invited to be a member of the "House Band" for the record label and software designer Trackd! Check out their website and software to discover artists like myself doing what we love, all over the World. 

Artists I'll be working with:

Chris Troy (UK) - Drums & Percussion

Mark Corradetti (US) - Bass & Songwriting (Grammy Nominated)

Ryan Jones (UK) - Guitars / Songwriting

Brockett Parsons (US) - Keys/Songwriting (Tours w/ Lady Gaga)

Adam Richards (UK) - Mixing & Mastering

Oylu Dogan (Italy) - Vocals/Songwriting

Jasmine Diaz (US) - Vocals/Songwriting

Alexis Gerred (UK) - Vocals/Songwriting

Catch a Full Band Performance:

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