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Special Thanks to The Garage Recording Studio.

Having the opportunity to work with two of the best artists in Savannah, GA is a dream come true. Colin Motlagh and Matt Collette were the catalysts behind this new EP. Check out our story!

Photo by Beau Kester. Taken at The Garage Recording Studio in Savannah, GA in early 2018.

How It Went Down

So I get a text out of the blue after I moved up to Nashville... It was Colin, "Hey man, we're building a studio." I excitedly respond, "We? Man, what!?" Colin proceeds to tell me all of the details about the floor plan, the size, the construction, and when it was expected to be completed. To say that Colin is an awesome bass player is really a discredit to him. He plays multiple instruments, sings, and writes music naturally. You can tell he was born for this. When he told me that Matt Collette, who is very similar in his musical talents, was on board with the construction of the studio and wanted to cut a couple of tracks with me... Yeah, I almost lost it. Let's just say they didn't have to ask me twice!

Having recorded with Colin in the past, and hearing the great things that he had to say about Matt's ear and playing really had me amped. I'd also seen Matt perform around town in Savannah, and knew he was "in the pocket," as musicians like to say. But THEN they sent over a couple of rough drafts on what they had composed so far. Gold. So we set a date! I came down from Nashville, we finished composing the lyrics and music for both songs, and we were ready to let the mics have it.

We spent days in the studio. They spent more making edits. Masters came back. I'm really honored to release these tracks from what I consider the best studio in the city.

Huge Shoutout to our professional photographer Beau Kester for the photos, advice, and treating us like family. It's also an honor to work with him!

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